Why a Vote for “Coach “Mike Tate” is a Value-Added Vote


  • He is passionate about Parks.
  • He has practiced public service for over 40 years.
  • Unwavering commitment to kids in the community.
  • He is a team player.
  • He sees the big picture.
  • Steadfastly works on civic committees and projects to ensure equitable solutions.


“Top Focus Points”

Advocate for neighborhood parks future:

Equity issues involving:

  • Fair pay for park employees.
  • Educating families and kids about the value of their community parks.

Green Living:

  • Continue to improve community livability through park activities.
  • Support sustainable solutions in the parks and invest in renewable energy opportunities like greening recreation centers as we update them over the next twenty (20) years.


HHYD Executive Board of Director

MPRB Joint Commission Committee

MPS Youth Athletic Council


Self Taught Education

University of Life @ North Commons campus, Minneapolis, MN.





Lifelong “volunteer coach” North Minneapolis

38 year  Salesman, Liberty Carton Co.

2013 MPRB Volunteer of the Year Award

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Prepared and Paid for by: Tate for Parks Volunteer Campaign Committee